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Custom Dog Collar and Harnesses

America’s #1 Source for Custom Dog Collar and Harnesses!

Pet parents who are looking to get their dog one of the many collars or harnesses that are available have plenty of choices. We’ll help you choose the one that’s best for you and your pet. Here are the most popular types from which to select:

Flat Collars: Usually constructed from nylon or leather. This is your basic collar. Good for most dogs, but certain breeds can escape from them easily.

Martingale Collars: Similar to flat collars in that they use a large hoop that goes around the neck and a smaller hoop used for attaching to a leash. When the hoop is pulled it tightens but does not constrict the dog’s throat or neck.

Clip Harnesses: Available with the clip at the front or at the back of the harness. Depending on the dog’s skills for walking on a loose leash, you may opt for one over the other. The back design is best-suited for smaller dogs while the front design is ideal for easier steering of your pet while on the leash.

As always, be sure to supervise your pet when wearing certain collars and harnesses to prevent possible choking hazards or discomfort when left unattended.

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